The integrated management system is designed and implemented according to the requirements of NP EN ISSO 9000, NP EN ISO 14001, NP 4456 and NP 4457, and covers all our facilities, activities and employees.

The current policy of integrated management, defined by Management, reflects the company?s concern in the definition and implementation of a set of processes and methodologies that ensure high standards of quality, efficiency and performance. In this sense, we all assume the responsability of complying with the Integrated Management System by constantly seeking the optimization of processes and resources as factos of continuous improvement and promote de design and development as well as employe satisfaction, taking into account the diferente social aspirations, economic and environmental conditions.

Our Integrated Management System applies to the manufacturing and marketing of electronic material, the provision of related services and the design and development of new technologies as well as research, development and innovation activities associated with the manufacture and marketing of electronic material.?


Novatronica?s Quality, Environment and IDI Policy is essentially costumer oriented, serving the company?s interests at the same time, which are translated into the following aspects:

  1. Research, design and development of the product in the perspective of achieving excellence;
  2. Concern for compliance with implicit and explicit costumer requirements;
  3. To progress towards the continous improvement of the Quality effectiveness;
  4. Environment and IDI Management System, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of the business;
  5. Pollution prevention;
  6. Compliance with legal requirements, namely CE and Environmental marking, and others that the company subscribes to.?

Our work in the Quality field, Environment and R&D is to innovate through study, consultation with our clientes, experience based on what we do and results achieved, the ability to change course when necessary and to promote effective resource management, which allows the balance between the development of the company?s activity, the environment and the well-being of both our employees and our costumers. In the field of Innovation, we seek to develop and produce solutions to surprise the market through techniques and processes based on advanced technologies, creating value that results in both company and costumer benefit.



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