Fast and effective intervention

We have a technical department, incorporated by qualified professionals and the latest technology, which is dedicated exclusively to the repair of LED modules, in all its variety.

When one of the modules of your LED panel, for example of a billboard, is damaged, the first thing that pops up in our minds is to solve the problem in a short time, without showing that there was an intervention.
This is exactly why PixelRepair is the perfect solution.

Because repairing has more advantages

Sometimes it may seem more advantageous to exchange the damaged module for a completely new one. However, besides the issue of the time spent on purchasing from the producer and on transportation, we can’t forget that by making such an exchange, the homogeneity in the brightness of the entire panel ceases to exist.

So, by choosing to repair your LED modules with PixelRepair, the dead pixels are corrected separately and one by one.

This ensures that the desired quality of technical completion is achieved.

Burning Time

After the meticulous repair process, all items stay in a “burning time” for a minimum of 24 hours. This way, after the repaired modules are placed on the integral panel, we can ensure a perfect and unnoticeable technical finish.
The finished result that our service provides will then ensure the proper insulation of the product. This intervention is ideal for your outdoor modules.

Repair Guarantee

With us, regardless of its type, the LED module goes through a rigorous process of verification and diagnosis, then repair, testing, and finally evaluation.

Because we have every confidence in the quality of our service, and above all, because we value our customers’ satisfaction, we offer a one-year guarantee on all repairs.

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