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NVTracker it’s a device that allows the user, through our APP, track their vehicles in real time, wherever it is.

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NVTracker is a GPS and GPS/GPRS device that allows the user, through the NVTracker APP, to track
and immobilize their vehicles in real time, at any given moment.

It has several configurable safety fuctions, including a list of “authorized numbers”, wich receive
alerts generated via push up notification or SMS for this list of numbers entered by the user, to
ensure permanent security.

It’s also availble to the user na online platform, 24 hours/day, where you can monitor the
locationand the routes of your vehicle. This fuction allows that anytime, and through any phone,
locate your vehicle using your phone call, and SMS or the APP available for Android and iOS, having
the possibilite to lock him.


Location: Through the APP, available for Android and iOS, where you have acess to the vehicle location 24hours/day, through a phone call or via SMS.

Routes: Information of all the trips made (number of trips, total km’s, date and hour of the start and
end of the activity).

Immobilization: Through the APP, phone call or via SMS.

Automatic phone call service: Eletronic automatic answers

Alerts: Speeding, possible towed car, exiting the safety perimeter, power cut, use of the vehicle in an unauthorized schedule.

Tecnical Specifications:


+12V/+32V 220mA

Battery Li-Po 3.7 220mAh (até 6 horas)

Fuse External 2A, Internal SMD 2A
Inputs 4 Digital ( 2 positives, 2 negatives)

2 Digital Outputs

GPS Module

Glonass GPS – Ublox


Huawei, Sagem, Ublox (800/900/1800/1900mHz)


70 x 65 x 30 mm