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Theft of fuel is something that happens very often to professionals and transport companies and is aggravated by the constant rise in fuel prices.

To solve a recurring problem for our customers, Novatronica decided to develop Tank Control.

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Product description

The TankControl system is the key to protect and control your vehicle’s fuel tank. It is a wirelessly supported anti-theft fuel system consisting of a long-lasting battery contained in a smart cap. When the fuel tank is opened unexpectedly, the wireless system transmits an alert signal to a receiver unit in the cabin. Whenever the cap is opened improperly, in addition to activating the siren, an SMS alert is simultaneously sent to the configured numbers.

This solution is highly recommended for generators and large vehicles, such as trucks and machinery.

System features

  • Fuel tank opening alert signal by SMS (optional).
  • Sound signal whenever the cap is opened improperly.
  • Digital output to Frotasoft.
  • Possibility to connect to other GPS management software.

Technical specifications


90mm x 70mm 26mm

External power: DC 12V – 24V
RF Antenna: In


Temperature range -20ºC to 60ºC

5% to 95%

TankControl is the ideal solution for protecting your vehicle’s fuel tank. It is an anti-theft fuel system based on wireless technology.


TankControl integrated with the fleet management platform – Frotasoft, will receive notification, email and an SMS that the cap of your vehicle is open. You can also configure via the APP for Android and iOS


A GSM card is a communication card like the one you have in your cell phone or smartphone.

Tank Control doesn’t communicate, which means that you don’t need a GSM card.

A siren (included in the Kit) is activated when theft occurs. Alerts are only sent if TankControl is integrated with Novatronica’s fleet management system, Frotasoft.

No. Tank Control is designed for heavy vehicles.

It is possible to install TankControl in machines as long as the nozzle of the fuel tank has a diameter of 60mm or 80mm.

No. Only a siren that comes with the kit is activated.

After you turn off the vehicle and after the time set by you, the system is automatically active.

No. Without a GSM it is impossible to receive the location, unless TankControl is integrated with Novatronica’s fleet management system, Frotasoft.

Tests for this type of theft indicate that fuel theft CAN be detected, but the result is not 100% reliable. We are developing improvements.

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