Device that allows you to control and track their vehicles in real time, through our APP, wherever it is.

A GSM and GPS device that allows you to locate and immobilize your vehicle via any smartphone or cell phone.

A GSM and GPS system for managing and protecting your motorcycle via smartphone or cell phone.

A GSM terminal communicator unit that allows interactions between the user and the installed device.

An anti-theft fuel system that protects the tanks of your fleet vehicles by sending you an alert whenever a cap is opened.

We have at our disposal all the necessary resources and machinery that allows us to be the only player in the whole process of our devices! This is the only way we can guarantee the high-quality standard of our products.

Based on a solid knowledge in software, firmware and hardware development, we place technologically advanced products in the market. For corporate entities, we have developed a product for fleet management—Frotasoft; for remote management and monitoring of vehicles, trucks and boats, we have developed NVIridium; for protecting and monitoring fuel tanks, we developed Tank Control; and for individuals to locate vehicles or motorcycles, we developed GSM and GPS equipment, such as NVAuto and NVMoto. In the home automation sector, we developed a GSM unit that allows communication between the user and the installed device, TC24.

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